The story behind every product and the people who create them is of huge importance to me. As a salesman I have had a lot of success because I know how to communicate this to the customer while also ensuring the product suits their requirements. I make myself an expert on whatever product I am in charge of selling and usually know the pricelists and technical details inside out.

I have been fortunate to visit some of the manufacturers and brands I really admire including Magis, Getama and Kasthall. While working in production I also supported my colleagues in sales with thorough and precise information about the products we were making. I also have good experience representing brands at trade fairs and on customer visits to both large interior design projects and private clients.

My sales experience covers my whole working career as I have always been involved in sales, directly or in a supporting role. My skills cover the following areas:

  • Strong sales skills with a proven track record in retail sales of high-end design furniture and home accessories. A strong team-player spirit and very service minded.
  • A clear focus on sales targets and the planning skills to reach them through promotions, events, point-of-sale material or social media.
  • Knowledge of a wide range of tools from software to hardware, that make me capable of covering many of the support roles needed to provide stable sales or back-up to a sales network. My experiencs covers everything from graphic design on product documents to trade-fair stand planning and construction.
  • A global perspective with experience in providing sales back-up to international agents, distributors and clients. I am used to travel in my work and am keen to observe and learn from other cultures.