Product Development

I started working specifically with product development in 2009, but have had ties to the furniture industry since 1999. By nature I have always been creative, insightful and curious which caused me to choose to study as an industrial designer. This background and my experience in the industry, has given me a strong skill-set and strong understanding of the development process. My knowledge and experience can be divided up in the following areas:

Project Management: I understand the complete development process and plan the necessary steps that must be taken according to the scale of the product I am working on. Every detail is taken care of or allocated to the appropriate partners and i am good at finding solutions to challenges I have not tried previously. Using a concise report method and clear communication, I ensure a smooth collaboration is achieved and deadlines are kept.

Communication: I am bilingually fluent in Danish and English and have a solid understanding of Swedish and Norwegian. I have always been able to communicate accurately in person, via a translator or in drawings. I am used to making very clear and concise reports to establish agreement and ensure progress.

Negotiation: A large part of my work has involved negotiating prices, quality levels and delivery schedules. I am concise in my communication and keep focus on a common goal. I am certain to document agreements and keep a positive ‘can-do’ attitude to encourage a strong working relationship.

Quality Control: I have been responsible for setting quality tolerances and carrying out controls on productions of several different products. In close collaboration with the manufacturer, I find a common agreement on what is achievable and how the client’s requirements are satisfied. Requirements are always set to measurable tolerances and realistic material properties.

Research: I have carried out investigations into the historic production methods of specific products to help modern factories to reproduce them precisely under official license. For example I instructed workers in Scandinavian craftsmanship skills at a factory in China to achieve a high quality finish on a teak product from the 1960’s.

Sourcing: A big part of getting the right quality and finish is to find the right supplier to begin with. Over time I have built up a good supplier network that I have used in my previous jobs or found independently and kept in contact with for future use. I understand when it is necessary to have production close at hand or exported over a greater distance where the material and labor costs are more favorable.

Production Knowledge: I have been visiting factories since college and have been able to work closely with manufacturers across a wide range of materials and products. I have constantly kept myself up to date with manufacturing techniques in the furniture and home accessory industry.

Material Knowledge: The main materials I have experience in relate to the furniture industry but I keep myself up to date with the developments that are made across a wide range of industries. I am fascinated by material properties that can be exploited in new ways to make innovative products or bestow new value or use to a material that seemed taken for granted. Be it discovering a use for waste cork or burnt terracotta, I love finding the limits of materials and stretching them to new possibilities.