After many years selling and producing the work of other designers, I am returning to industrial design and developing my own ideas. I am looking for possible partners who are interested in working with me in the design process or a company who could use me as a junior designer or project manager.

The many years I worked in retail have given me a sharp eye for how products have to correctly communicate their value to customers to have commercial success. There is a fine line between garnishing a product with marketing talk and letting the product speak for itself which I fully understand. As a designer I really take a pragmatic approach and methodically work through a clearly defined process to find the right solution for the brief that is set.

SE Competition Entry 2015

I have used my industrial design education in my role as product developer and have also carried out some free-lance consultation work for an engineering company. As someone who has worked in retail, production and wholesale, I possess an advantageous perspective on the development process from both the client and supplier point of view. I know how to present design concepts so that manufacturing concerns are taken care of and a prospective manufacturer can understand them. My extensive manufacturer network can be used to not only sell a product but also the manufacturing solution to speed-up the development stage.

From the drop-down menu you can see some of my own design proposals which I will expand upon shortly. For a clear list of my specific practical skills, IT skills and design theory I will add a design specific CV in the near future. Currently some of these skills are also listed in my product development CV and on my Linked-In profile which you can find links to on this page.

Please contact me if you want to know more.