My 20 years’ experience within the Danish furniture industry spans product development and sales. I have worked with a wide range of products and have been fortunate to work with some of the brands and designers I really admire. This has given me a broad network of partners and an extensive knowledge of the industry.

I have a passion for making products that are beautifully made by the best possible means. My material knowledge and understanding of production techniques is extensive and constantly expanding. I regularly visit factories and I am experienced in sourcing, negotiation, problem solving, budgeting, and quality control. I am a team player who enjoys creating synergy and putting the right elements and people together to reach a common goal.

Having tried my hand at many different tasks, I have a very broad knowledge and experience. In order to make it clearer to understand what I can offer as a partner I have separated my skills into two areas: product development & design.

I grew up in Denmark and the UK, and am bilingually fluent in both English and Danish. I spent 14 years in the UK where I did all my senior schooling and studied Industrial Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. After graduation I returned to Denmark where I have spent most of my professional working life.

My experience spans from product development at &Tradition and New Works to sales at Illums Bolighus and CPH Square, and Key Account management as a supplier at Gunnar T. Strøm Danmark A/S (GTS). Most recently I have worked for clients such as HAY, Million, Warm Nordic and Fredericia Furniture. I have developed and supplied with a wide range of products from furniture to brushes, and made components such as smoked oak stool seats and lamp shades in marble, cork and concrete. The many years I worked in sales has given me a sharp eye for products that are innovative and can have commercial success. After many years selling and producing the work of other designers I am also developing my own ideas which can be seen on this site.